Philips Signs 300th LED Lamp and Light Source Licensing Program Agreement

Recently, Philips announced that its LED lamps and light source licensing program signed the 300th agreement. Since May 2012, the number of companies licensed under the program has increased by 50%. So far, 300 companies have acquired a patent portfolio of Philips LED system technology and solutions.

In the past year, about 100 companies worldwide signed with Philips. Since Philips introduced the LED luminaire and light source licensing program in 2008, more and more companies have realized the benefits and opportunities brought by this license, and Philips LED technology patent licensing requirements have increased significantly. Under the program, licensed companies will receive a range of basic technologies for LED control and systems for LED brand luminaires and light sources in general lighting, architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, and theater lighting.

Previously, Philips also worked with Cooper, Trilux, Acuity Brands, Cree, Osram, Martin, Neo-Neon, Lemnis Lighting, Zumtobel and Paulmann. The major lighting companies have signed a licensing agreement.

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