Sany Heavy Energy Co., Ltd. won the bid for 600 million wind power projects in Ethiopia

Sany Heavy Energy Co., Ltd. won the bid for 600 million wind power projects in Ethiopia Sany Group, a wind turbine manufacturer of Sany Group, and China Hydropower Consultancy Group International Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a procurement contract for the wind turbine unit of the Ethiopian Adama Phase II wind farm project in Beijing. With a total installed capacity of 153 MW and a contractual amount of more than RMB 600 million, this project has set a record for the largest single fan export in China.

It is understood that the Ethiopian ADAMA electric field project is the largest new energy project in East Africa and is the new energy project with foreign governments using the largest government-sponsored buyer’s credit. It is expected to start construction on June 8 this year and fully put into production in 2014. After the signing of the contract, SANY fans will be shipped in succession at the end of June. After the completion of the entire project, SANYI will lead the domestic wind power mainframe manufacturers in the installed capacity of overseas wind turbines.

On the other hand, on the other hand, the number of pumping equipment and excavation equipment used by Sany in Ethiopia exceeded 100, and this order was the first time that SANY's wind power equipment entered the Ethiopian market.

It is reported that as early as 2009, Ethiopia initiated the bidding for several wind power demonstration projects. In 2012, the first 50MW wind power project was put into production. This project was contracted by the China Hydropower Consultant Group. The timely completion of the power generation brought great confidence to the Ethiopian government. Under this background, the second phase of the wind power project surfaced.

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